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Bravado replace 2 in COD: IW

A lot of the time in the E-sports scene, players grow quite close together and become somewhat of a family unit. This is largely due to the fact that competitive gaming teams usually comprise of no more than 7 players, where the actual team is made up of only 4 or 5 depending on the title. This leads to players growing extremely close together and friendship sometimes can get in the way of the competitive nature.
At Bravado Gaming, yes, we have friends and we try to maintain good relationships with everyone that we come into contact with, however we are a competitive Multi-Gaming Organization which strives and is more often than not successful at being the best at the titles we participate in.

It’s always a sad sight to see players out, however we need to remember what we stand for and what our aspirations are. We expect results, and so do our supporters, and we do our best to not let them down. Here is what the captain of the team had to say regarding the line-up changes in the Call of Duty team (I also sneaked in a question about the upcoming title, Call of Duty World War 2)

We have decided to change up our line-up due to our disappointing finish at the EGE-EXPO and are aiming to win the remaining events this season. Events have been all over the place this year and there is no reason anymore to have an 18+ roster so our roster now consists of mixed player ages. We have picked up Rahil, Clanko and Waffle who are former Ventus, Krypto and 5050 players and we do believe these are the solid players we need for the season ahead.

Personally I feel WWII is going to be a great game and will bring more classic fans back to the Call of Duty scene as BOTG is the original Call of Duty style that everybody has been wanting. I also feel the game will be more strategic that our current game and there will be a consistency with skill level between teams. – Dillon ‘Lithium’ Charalambous

The above players will be replacing Connor ‘Vadex’ Maguire and Paul ‘Freakz’ Haakestad. We wish the best to the players parting with us today and hope they have success with future endeavors. We cannot wait to showcase our new roster soon in upcoming online games. Let’s go Bravado!

In addition, our Coach and Manager, Hameed ‘Viper’ Moosa took the time to create a video, discussing an in-depth perspective of why all our shuffles happened the way they happened throughout the year. Make sure you check out what he had to say by watching the video below or heading over to this link here. You can also visit the Bravado Gaming COD YouTube channel here.

Our line-up for the upcoming VS Gaming Call-of-Duty: Infinite Warfare Finals, at the rAge-Expo in October will include the following individuals:

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