paving the way for africa

Many may say that gaming is an unhealthy and unsociable hobby with no real value in life skills or any direction for a career. We believe they’re wrong. Gamers connect with each other all over the world, breaking cultural and political barriers, on a day-to-day basis. The spirit of competition they create unites them regardless of their background. We want to show the world what gaming is capable of as a world sport.


introducing the world to e-sports

Gaming across the globe can be associated with a negative, stereotypical image. Everything we do is challenging the common stereotypes against games and gamers while helping the growth of competitive e-sports both in South Africa and Africa. Our players believe in leading a healthy lifestyle while staying on top of their game. Our staff believe in being tireless and professional in every vein of their work. We all believe in raising the echelon of competitive and recreational e-sports alike.


A clear definition

Bravado Gaming serves home to some of the best local and international competitive gamers while simultaneously building a lifestyle gaming brand. It is our aim to help the progression of e-sports both locally and internationally by raising levels of competition and increasing public involvement and developing corporate opportunities.


Establishing corporate opportunity

Our organization has partnered with some of the most reputable brands in the world during our existence, ensuring that we can leave a legacy for what we stand. The players, staff and management of Bravado Gaming are dedicated to working side-by-side with current and potential partners who share the same vision. Many gaming organizations have come and gone, but Bravado has stood the test of time.